About Printpak

Founded in 1985, Printpak has grown exponentially ever since on the back of recommendation and repeat orders from respected customers. Today, our wealth of experience in folding cartons and litho laminated packaging, coupled with a complete in-house service, provides our customers with an effortless packaging solution for all of their requirements — with all stages of the process completed in-house and delivering impressive turnaround times.

Our Commitment to Quality

Printpak's commitment to safety and quality is paramount for our success and we're proud to be certificated to the ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental and ISO 45001 Health & Safety management standards - as well as to the hygiene standard BRCGS Issue 6 Packaging Materials.

We are continually audited and monitored by our customers and the packaging industry to ensure that our high standards are maintained throughout all of our processes.

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